Delivery Care System

A System designed to reduce traffic,fastened delivery of goods and enhance purchase via Cashless Transactions.


This is a System Components designed to reduce the Number of Delivery Trucks to minimize traffic congestion,fastened delivery of goods in Lisbon Cities and to Improve Efficient of Goods Marketings, Purchases and payments via Cashless Transactions.


What bothers Lisbon is also bothering Me!!!

The question is; how do We sustain the commercial heart of a city without clogging its arteries?. It’s a conundrum for planners everywhere: how to juggle the delivery needs of stores and restaurants, with everyone else’s desire to live without wall-to-wall traffic. And it’s a particular challenge for older cities that were never designed for delivery trucks, and that block streets as goods are loaded and unloaded.

Again Idling and too many delivery trucks on the road are a huge congestion causer in tight downtown areas. Urban freight transport is a major contributor to traffic congestion in every cities. This in turn slows down deliveries, leading to increased costs for freight transporters and longer wait times for their customers.

2 Things I think Lisbonian Govenment Should also consider.

1: Lisbon should build a Special Delivery Tech. commonly known as DELIVERY MOVE SYSTEM.

DELIVERY MOVE SYSTEM is a kind of delivery vehicle more suited for deliveries in congested areas in Lisbon compared to the general purpose commercial trucks used today - resulting in safer, more efficient deliveries that result in less greenhouse gasses.

This DELIVERY MOVE SYSTEM should be built to receive interchangeable load units or boxes, and an optimised structure best suited to narrow city streets. The hardware technology should focus on improving safety and on reducing pollution, noise, fuel consumption and operating costs.

This logistics technologies should be designed to help companies deliver goods in cities more efficiently, while providing a better service and reducing energy use. The major aim of the design should be to reduce the number of trucks needed to deliver goods in urban congested areas like Lisbon.

This DELIVERY MOVE SYSTEM should be mainly medium-heavy trucks and smaller distribution vans and Cars that can share and tranship containers. The system should works like an additional urban hub, where deliveries are pooled, and distribution and collection are done more efficiently on a smaller scale.

For example one high-capacity truck working as a type of 'freight bus' could bring several loads at the same time close to a city centre(Companies Distribution Center). Smaller vans or cargo bikes would then make the last mile deliveries.

A little example of this hardware tech. is a CARGOHOPPER used in Europe(Utrecht), a golf-cart-sized delivery train thats is powered by Solar Energy which allows companies to leave their goods at a warehouse six miles outside city limits, and have them delivered using a 52-foot, solar-powered caravan of three boxes pulled by a cab not much bigger than a golf buggy.

Effectively, the cab-and-trailer does the job of five vans, making three trips daily. This CARGOHOPPER is fuel conservative, according to trecht-based Hoek Transport,the Cargohopper saves 5,200 gallons of diesel--and 33 tons of CO2--a year by taking other vehicles off the streets. Again, the Cargohopper helps with recycling efforts, taking back cardboard and paper on its return journeys. That, in turn, means retailers have to store less unwanted material in their stores, and helps keep garbage off roadsides.

2: Implementing both On-Hour(Working Hour) and Off-hour(after business hour) Delivery.

Both On-hour and Off-hour delivery(b/w 10pm-6am) are very good though the both have their shortcomings.

My research has shown that by adjusting some daytime delivery truck traffic to after normal business hours(off hours) will also ensures that companies customers, buyers like restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, and other businesses in Lisbon gets their freight deliveries between the off-hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

This will help the companies unassisted off-hour deliveries—truck drivers to use the keys to drop off goods at the store, restaurant, houses and lock up afterward.

This ensures that Buyers, Customers,Restaurant and grocery store owners cannot easily run out of products, because With this our apps DELIVERY CARE SYSTEM, Customers know their fresh products are going to be there waiting for them every morning.

This Off Hour Delivery is a consistent, reliable delivery pattern that improves the ability of business owners to manage their supply chain, which in turn allows them to be more efficient and better serve customers.”

During business hours, delivery trucks spend an average of two hours at each stop. With the Delivery Care Apps System, drivers were able to park directly in front or back of the business, and the average time spent at each stop was only 15 minutes. Additionally, average travel speeds at night are twice as fast as during the daytime.

Statistics has shown that if just 7 percent of Lisbonian deliveries is shifted to the off hours, the difference to livability in the city would be substantial, with less congestion, visible display windows in retail establishments, and open street space during daytime hours, Such a 7 percent shift to off-hour deliveries also could result in a reduction of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions of more than 100 tons each year. All of these benefits add up to less daytime truck traffic on Lisbon’s busy streets, which makes it easier for tourists and local residents to visit and patronize downtown businesses. Now lets introduce our app and how it helps in reducing traffic and fastening delivery of goods and services in Lisbon.

Our App Called Delivery Care System version 1.0 (The Magic wand)

Delivery Care System is a technology designed to reduce the Number of Delivery Trucks to minimize traffic congestion,fastened delivery of goods in Lisbon Cities, improves efficient of goods Marketings, Purchases and payments via Cashless Transactions.

The Technology is Categoried into 2

1: Customers/Shoppers/Buyers Components

2: Company's Admin & Drivers Components

Customers/Shoppers/Buyers Components

The apps technologies optimised pre-trip planner which allows companies to organise daily deliveries on routes that take into account the traffic situation at any given time. This achieved by allowing both Companies Officials and various companies buyers and Customers to share the traffic situation of their locality along with the clear pictures/screenshot of the traffic Incidents in a social manner at any given time within the apps by a components called ROAD/TRAFFIC STATUS UPDATES.

All the companies officials, Buyers, Customers can comment on the traffic/congestion scenario socially. This submitted data will automatically be reflected on Digital maps with specific details on physical and legal traffic access limits. Within this applications is a Signup Registrations components that allows the Customers to provide the location of his/hers stores, restaurants, house keys.
This will help the companies unassisted off-hour deliveries—truck drivers to use the keys to drop off goods at the store, restaurant, houses and lock up afterward.

The app simulates a Cashless transaction system that allow customers to purchase goods by funding their cashless accounts via Money deposits, withdraw money from his cashless accounts via online goods purchases and transfer money to and from various friends and Delivery companies accounts. This Transaction package also enable Customers to remotely lock and unlock her cashless account from unauthorized access.

For any funding, withdrwal and cashless transfer, the customers recieves immediates SMS alerts messages via Geo-SMS components.

This app comes with Shopping Components that allows the Customers to purchase goods online, Select Delivery Driver and ride with any car of choice(eg. Mercedes S-Class) and an SMS confirmation messages is automatically sent to the Customer to inform her of her purchase progress while she waits for products delivery.

This app has a packages that allows all the customers to share their experiences both purchases, delivery and traffic related issues which will help the Delivery Company to continually plan a better way of doing things. This app is built with a components that enable the customers to track all his purchase history, have access to his Delivery car details like the color of the delivery car, plates no, the Delivery Car Driver. This will enable the Customer to easily make recognitions when the Drivers lands on her home.

This application components has a package that enable the Shoppers/buyers to make direct contacts with their Drivers and Company's Admin while the goods is on transit via

A: WhatApp like Chat text applications conversation Exchange

B: Offline and Online text Messages via SMS Components

C: Direct phone call Synchroisation from the Apps

This Customers section of the app is also built with a tracking packages that enable the Shoppers/Customers to track the location of their Delivery Car, its driver and her goods with respect to time.This is achived Delivery Drivers Geo-location Reports which propagates their exact locations on the digital Google maps for their customers to access their exact present location and situation of the delivery goods on board.

Company's Admin & Drivers Components

This section of app has a pre built in packages that enables Delivery Drivers to track the locations of their Customers via Geo-positioning system,the components also enable the drivers to check the traffic situations of the delivery locations from the google map to select the traffic-free routes. This traffic related data is supplied by pre-trip planner carried out by Delivery companies officials and from traffic data submitted by other customers and shoppers via ROAD/TRAFFIC STATUS UPDATES components.

The apps also simulates dynamic navigation system using a remote server to correct a vehicle's route in real time to avoid unexpected traffic blockages. The Driver of the Vehicle and Assistant(Conductor) were timely updated with SMS Text Messages, mobile voice message alerts on traffic/congestion related issues along their application path.

In this app is a parcel tracking component, which sends an SMS message broadcast to a recipient's mobile phone to when a delivery is about to be made and when the goods has finally arrive to the customers destination.

The Customer can track location of her goods on transit anytime from the app...


Apps Full functionality:(How the apps works)

This functionality is Divided into 2 major Categories

1: Shoppers/Customers/Buyers Category

2: Delivery Company's Admin & its Drivers


Section 1: Customers/Buyers Registration

The apps begins by Users/Buyers registrations within the app. During registration, the Buyer/Customer has to enter all her Personal Details and Residential address etc. The Apps will optional require that te Buyer should provide the provision of her home, residential, Shops keys etc. These keys will be used by the Delivery Drivers to deliver goods to the customers and then lock up afterwards in the event of off hour delivery that may be taking place between 10pm - 6am. The app will automatically geocode the location of the users address from the google cloud and use the registered address to deliver goods to the customers destinations

The App may require the Users/Customer to assist in forecasting the traffic situation of her locality in a social manner within the app and of course to recieve commments, likes and applause from other Users/Customers and from the Companies Admins.

section 2: Cashless Transaction System:

App continuation from (section 1)

Once the Customers has been registered within the app, the app will auto generate a 4 unique ID called Cashless Bank Account ID. Unlike any app in the world, this Cashless Payment makes purchase more easier than ever. Before any purchase is made from the app, Care Delivery System(Apps),requires every User/Customer to fund her account via her Cashless account ID that were simulated to perform transactions(NB: This Banking Transaction is not connected to any live Banking API but it was a simulation of how is gonna work in the real world when connected to any Banking API and thus works 100% on this app)

The features coded in this Cashless Transaction (Section 2) of this apps includes


This enables the customer to fund her account within the app before making online purchase from the app. You can just enter 1000 which is $1000 and then your Cashless Account balance will show $1000 which means your are good to start making purchase from the comfort of your home.(NB: If you did not fund your account, then you cannot make purchase from "SHOPPING COMPLEX" within the app.)

Once the account has been funded, the app sends an automatic "SMS MESSAGE" to your mobile phone to inform you that money has been deposited into your cashless account.


This enables Customers/Buyers to witdraw money from her Cashless account. whenever a User made purchase from the app, money will automatically be withdrawed from the Customers account on the said purchase and SMS MESSAGE alert is sent to the Customer to inform her of the withdrawal.

When user wants to make purchase of goods with amount greater than her cashless account balance, the Delivery Care System automatically makes a Database call via JSON PROTOCOL and inform the customer that her account balance is low so that She can fund more money.

C: Cashless Transfer:

This enable the Customers/Buyers to transfer money to and from her various Friends Cashless Accounts,Companies Accounts etc. Before any transfer is made between two accounts, the Delivery Care System(apps) check to ensure that the Cashless Account ID is correct and that the User cannot transfer more than She has to another account within the app.

For any transfer within the app, the app automatically send an SMS Notification alerts on the said Transactions to the OWNERS ACCOUNT

D: cashless Account Security:

This Package enable Lisbonian Customers/Buyers to remotely lock and Unlock their accounts from unauthorized access in the event ATM CARD,CREDIT CARD lost.

Once the account is locked, Cashless Withdrawal is no longer possible except that deposits and transfer are still possible.

To make withdrawal active again, the User can possible click on UNLOCK ACCOUNT to make her account account again. NB: Once your account is locked, try withdrawing or try to purchase goods online and you will see that its no longer possible because you have locked your account

E: Your Bank Statement:

This enables the Users/Customers to view all the Deposits and Withdrawals made on her account via her Cashless Account ID. Data are loaded in 3's so User can click on "LOAD MORE BUTTON" to pull more data from the database via dynamically Load Contents.

Wait a minute? If this concept is good, please give me a shout Thank You

Section 3: Delivery Care Shopping Complex

Lisbon Shopping Mall a continuation of SECTION 2 above This Application page enables all Lisbonian to purchase products that will be delivered to them. Upon Purchase, the app will automatically proccessed their purchase after checking her cashless account balance to ensure that it meets up with the payments and then Provides an automatic links eg "BOOK YOUR CAR and DRIVER", upon clicking on this, the Buyer are redirected to the page that enables them to make selection of the Companies Drivers of Choice, Select her own Delivery Car. What More? This Section of the app provides confidence to all buyers by supplying the buyers

A: Drivers Names and Informations

B: Drivers Pictures for easy recognitions

c: Delivery Car Models,Plate Numbers, Color of the Cars etc.

The User finally Click on "RIDE NOW BUTTON" to ride with her Driver and an automatic SMS MESSAGE ALERT is sent to the User's Phone to confirm that her Transactions has been successful while the User awaits for the Product Delivery.

Finally the Customer is directed to her Drivers Profile. The Customer can initate a hand-shake with the Driver via

1: Whatsapp like Chat message exchange

2: Profille Message

3: Online/Offline SMS Message

4: Automatic Phone call Synchronisation all from the Delivery Care APP System.

Customers are provided with a variety of Communication Network. So she can make a Choice.


Continuation from SECTION 3 above

This Application page enables all the Lisbonian Shoppers/Buyers to share traffic situations with a clean picture of the traffic scenario in their locality in a social manner and locations where the traffic occurs. This will help their various drivers to be able to mitigate traffics and fastened delivery of their goods and services in real time. Such updates may be Accident, Road Blockage, Road Costructions etc so as to alerts your Delivery Drivers on traffic incident

All information shared here will automatically be propagated within the the App and a Digital Map will be automatically be coded from the Users submitted data to show all the traffic scenario and their locations on GOOGLE MAp for all Delivery Drivers to access.

Once new update is being posted, one can click to comment and to like the updates.

Section 5: Share Experiences

Share your Delivery Care experience with everyone. Your experience will enable Delivery Companies in Lisbon to grow and to be able to serve you better. This package enable Users tell the Delivery Companies what they feel about their Delivery services, what they feel about their Apps and about their Drivers Performance.

Section: 6 Access Purchase Item

This package enable Buyers to keep history of their purchase from time to time within the apps along with all the purcchase details informations for future access and recalls.

section 7: Access Your Delivery Car

This Package enable Customers to keep history of their Deliver Cars and their Drivers like Car Models, Plates Numbers,Color of the Cars, Drivers Personal Informations, Pictures, Locations etc. for easy access and recognition upon products arrival.

Section 8: Contact Your Driver

This Package keeps the history of all the Customers Drivers booked during purchase. This package enable customers to have a close communications with their Drivers while their goods is on transit. The communications are initiated via

A: Whatsapp like Chat message exchange

B: Profille Message

C: Online/Offline SMS Message

D: Automatic Phone call Synchronisation all from the Delivery Care APP System.

section 9: Contact Companies Admin

This package will enable all the Lisbonian Shoppers,Buyers, Customers to interact with the companies Admin on whatever their intents are via the following protocols below

A: Whatsapp like Chat message exchange

B: Profille Message

C: Online/Offline SMS Message

D: Automatic Phone call Synchronisation all from the Delivery Care APP System.

Section 10: Track Your Delivery Locations

This package enable Users,Buyers,Customer

A: To track her Goods delivery on google map to actually see where her products and her Delivery Driver are at any given time. This means that you can track her goods from the Companies warehouse till it gets to her home. B: USERS can be able to see the streets, cities in Lisbon that your goods has passed while on transit. C: users can be able to see the progress of your delivery based on the Companies Geo-data Updates with time. D: Users will get an alerts message on your Phone once your goods arrive to your home.

First Question

HOW does this Delivery tracking comes true.OKay I will tell you.?

Now when a user made a purchase from a company in Lisbon from the APP, the apps assumes that the Customers goods is still at the WAREHOUSE awaiting depature. This is made possible using Companies Latitude and Longitudes via Google Geo-Codings and GPS related technologies.

At this point, the Customer will have 1 alert message from her

"Section 10: Track Your Delivery Locations".

when a Customer Clicks on that Link, She will be able to access location of her goods from the Companies warehouse from "GOOGLE MAP" by moving and dragging the map and then click on "MOTOR ICON IMAGE MARKER" on the map to see all details on the google map.

This "Section 10: Track Your Delivery Locations" of Customers section is updated from time to time to show the Customer the exact location of her goods, the Delivery Conditions like traffics etc on the roads in real time.

Second Question

How will Delivery Company's & its Driver be able to supply all this informations so that their Customers can track their goods locations and Conditions in real time.?

To anwser this, Please refer to the app section for "COMPANYS & DELIVERY DRIVERs use Only" and click on section 6 title "DRIVERS TRANSIT GEO-LOCATION REPORT"

This package has a reporting form that is to be updated by Drivers Conductor(Assistance) on their present locations with their Customers goods. The informations reported includes

1: Streets/ Location of Cities they are or are heading to eg Am heading to Sintra city now etc 2: Delivery Situations: Eg. We are progressing with the delivery, no traffic at all 3: Additional Informations: Eg. Thank You

When Driver publish this report from the app on their present delivery locations and situations, the app automatically geo-code all the informations from google cloud and broadcast it to all concerned CuSTOMERs awating their products.

The next time the Customer access her app via "Section 10: Track Your Delivery Locations", she will see a new alert message and she can be able track it on the Google map to see the location of her goods and its conditions in real time.

For every Geo-location reports published by Driver and its Conductor(Assistant) while on transit, all the concerned Customers gets notified at an instant.

Section 11: Meet Fellow Shoppers/Buyers

This package helps Buyers to meet each other and be able to share informations, like traffic situations in every locality in Lisbon which will also helps their Drivers to deilvery their products on time and in a traffic free envionments. This will also helps to bring down delivery cost since lesser fuel is consumed,reduces greenhouse effect and incomplete comburstion of Carbon Mono Oxide(CO) in the atmoshere.

Section 12,13 and 14

Enable Customers to recieve and share messages betwen Drivers, Companies Admin and between Various Friends. Along with Friends Request Acceptance and Friendslist data access which may be deemed fit upon circumstance.

Category 2

Delivery Company and Drivers Use Only

section 1: Track Customers Delivery Locations:

This tracking component enable the Lisbonian Delivery Company Admin/Divers to track and check the customers locations on the map for effective delivery of their products. This map automatically track all the customers locations based on the address geocodings and aggregates them together, sort and arrange the Customers addresses based on the nearest from Lisbonian Company Delivery Warehouse judging from their represented Lisbonian: Latitude: 38.7166700 Longitude: -9.1333300 For Instance, To track all the addreses and location of Your Customers eg in "SINTRA", Just type "SINTRA" in the Search box, it will come up immediaetly.You will click on eg. SINTRA LISBON to access the Customers informations. The same method is applicable when searching for other locality like "Cascais,Estoril,Mafra" etc. Have Fun!!!

Section 2: Check Traffic and Use Free Routes

This is an amazing mapping packages that enables all the Lisbonian Delivery Drivers to check thhe traffic incident condition of the routes they wants to apply in the course of delivery their Customers Goods. The traffic data on this map relies on Users(Customers) submitted data and Data submitted by Delivery Companies Analyst via "ROAD/TRAFFIC STATUS UPDATES" section of the app on Customers sides) . All the this Traffic Updated status shared are aggregated to provided all the detailed traffic informations in all locality in Lisbon in real time and on Google map.

For instance, A driver traveling from Sintra to Mafra to deliver goods may check the traffic between this 2 cities to get the exact traffic situationss. This map does not only check traffic conditions but also calculate the traveling distance between the 2 locality in meters(M) and also tell the driver the time it will take him to get to delivery destinations.

Section 3: Delivery Depature Message Broadcast

This sends boths Apps Profile Messages and SMS Message Broadcast. This apps page is a parcel tracking component, which sends an SMS message to a recipient's mobile phone to when a delivery is about to be made and when the goods arrives to customers destination. (Delivery Company can send Message Notification Alerts to Millions of their Customers and Buyers just at a click of Button) In this context, the company can send message Broadcast to all their Customers via:

1: Message Notification Push to Customers App Profiles (Customers, Buyers can only see this message when they Login into their apps Profiles) NB: Sending this kind Message Broadcast does not cost any money as message is sent from the apps database.

2: SMS Message Push Notifications with Vibrations Alerts on Phone

(NB: To Send Individual App Profile and SMS Messages, go to dashboard, navigates to the Buyers/Customers Profile to Send both SMS Offline/Online Messages)

Section 4: Audio-Voice Message Broadcast

This Option allows Customers, Buyers and Companies Officials to send audio-voice messages to all the Companies Drivers on Road and Traffic Related issues ahead of their Delivery Destinations. On Audio-Voice Data submission, an SMS Message alerts is sent to all delivery drivers mobile phone to inform them of the Voice alerts messages on traffic incident on his application path. The Driver's Assistant(Conductor) can access the app to listen to the voice message and Immediately pass the info to Driver.

Section 5: Voice Message Alerts

Enable Drivers to listen to various traffic alerts submited by their Customers, their Companys Traffic Experts thus making the environment live, warming and muliti-Cultural. NB: Information on how to listen to Voice Traffic Message Alerts is placed in the app.

Section 6: Search Shoopers & Prepare List

This Advance Search Engine enable the Companies Admin and Company Drivers to search and Connect to their Customers, Buyers in Real Time. The apps sorts the Customers addresses and location for easy delivery of their products.

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